Have you ever experienced being in a house that has a broken air conditioner? It feels so hot, and your sweat starts dripping down your face and body. Being in a room without AC is unbearable, especially with Melbourne’s changeable weather.

A properly operating HVAC system is important in Melbourne, FL, as different weather may be experienced each day. It might be hot today and cold tomorrow. Your FL air conditioning can give you a sustainable temperature inside your house. Visit AC maintenance tips here.

Typical Home Cooling Problems

Your FL air conditioning system is prone to damage when it is not properly installed or maintained. Various problems with your AC may appear as time passes by. Here are some of the most common issues a homeowner in Melbourne, FL may encounter with his or her AC unit.

AC Won’t Turn On

One possible reason your FL air conditioning is not working is a blown fuse or faulty wiring. If upon checking, you found that the fuse and wiring of your system are undamaged, it might indicate that there is a problem with your motor and compressor.

AC Not Cooling the House

There can be a handful of reasons why your AC unit is not producing enough cool air for your whole house. You may check the air filter if there is any dirt that blocks the air. Once you cleared the filter, but the result is still the same, you may inspect other components of your AC unit.

There might be a leak on your unit, trouble with your thermostat, or a problem on your ductwork. If you notice that your house is still warm even if the AC is working, you should contact a Melbourne AC repair company to perform any necessary air conditioner repair.

The Unit Makes Strange Noises

As time passes by, the components of your FL air conditioning system, such as belt and bearing, start to wear, which causes the strange noises. An air conditioner repair company in Melbourne, FL, can help by replacing the worn-out parts and adding lubricants.

Common Reasons Your Unit Is Not Working Properly

There are different reasons for your AC to malfunction. It can be from improper installation or damage in your air conditioner compressor. Here are some factors that can cause your compressor to cease working:

Frozen Coil

The coil is responsible for absorbing the warm air from your house in order to release cool air. When the air filter remains unclean for a few months, the dirt blocks the release of cool air. So, the temperature inside the evaporator coil becomes too cold, and ice can build up on the outside.

Faulty Wiring

Defective wiring is one of the problems a homeowner may encounter with his or her FL air conditioning unit. This causes the whole system to malfunction, and when not addressed properly, may also cause a fire. When you notice a faulty wire on your unit, it is important to call a professional Melbourne AC repair company.

A Bad Compressor

The compressor is responsible for pumping the refrigerant in your FL air conditioning system. If the compressor is broken, the refrigerant will not circulate, and no cool air will be produced.

Unfortunately, a compressor can be a little expensive. So, it is important to address any minor issues with your AC before it starts to affect your compressor. There can be various instances which may result in failure of your AC compressor.

Incorrect Amount of Refrigerant

A lower or higher amount of refrigerant is equally bad for the air conditioner. Refrigerants may leak if there are any holes or cracks in your AC, which lowers the level of refrigerant in the system. The compressor will then need to pump harder in order to circulate adequate refrigerant in your system.

This is the same for excess refrigerant in the system. Both instances will cause the compressor to pump harder, which will eventually damage the system and may cause it to shut down or work improperly.

If you notice any issues with the refrigerant of your FL air conditioning unit, you should seek help from a Melbourne air conditioning company. Fixing it on your own should not be an option because refrigerants can be harmful to your health. Also, simply adding or removing refrigerants will not solve the problem.

Inadequate Lubricant

The lubricant allows the compressor to work properly and smoothly. When the compressor is not adequately lubricated, it begins to work harder and its components may grind with each other. When not addressed immediately, this may cause the compressor to break and stop working.

Fan Problems

There are two fans working inside your FL air conditioning system. The fan that blows indoors over the evaporator coil which helps cool the air, while the other fan blows over the outdoor air condenser to release the warm air from the house.

If any of these fans start to wear or break, the airflow in your house can be affected. Your unit will start to work harder to produce adequate cool air which may result in freezing of a refrigerant line or faster deterioration of your AC unit components. Either of these can lead to failure of your AC compressor.

Leaking Ducts

Aside from the damage in your AC unit, there can also be other factors why your AC is not providing enough cool air. One of the possible reasons can be a leakage in your ducts. The cool air escapes from the holes and cracks of your ducts.

In order to cool your house, your FL air conditioning unit tends to work harder and longer to cover for the lost air. The continuous use of your AC system does not only lead to damage in your unit, but it also causes your electricity bill to increase.

When Should You Hire a Repair Company?

You should get in touch with a Melbourne AC repair company as soon as you notice any issues with your FL air conditioning system. With the immediate action taken, further damage on your AC unit can be prevented and any occurring issues can be resolved.

On top of this, you should also let your AC unit be checked by air conditioning repair company in Melbourne, FL regularly. Why should you wait for any problems to occur when you can prevent them from happening?

Hiring an AC repair company may look expensive upfront, but it can save you a lot of money in the long run. Having your AC unit regularly checked may result in lower electric bills and a more comfortable living space.

Hire a Repair Company

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We will do our best to provide you with air conditioner repair services the same day that you called. With our team of experts working on your FL air conditioning system, you can expect your AC unit to at its peak performance again in no time.

Fix Your Issues Today!

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