Having the right kind of air conditioner installed in your house is your means of staying comfortable under the sweltering Melbourne, Florida summer. With several Florida AC units to choose from, it is essential that you know the type and specification of your preferred air conditioning system for your house. View AC tips here.

What to Consider Before Getting a New Air Conditioner

There are several factors that you should take into account before installing a new air conditioning unit. Considering these factors may help you obtain maximum efficiency on your Florida AC system:

Confirming the Type of System

To date, there are different types of air conditioning units in the market. For homeowners like you, confirming the right air conditioner for your house will prove advantageous in the long run.

However, this does not mean that having a big house means you should need a larger air conditioning system. Enlist the expertise of a Melbourne HVAC contractor like Don’t Sweat it Air and Heat to get more insight on this matter. Our expertise on which type of air conditioning unit you need will prove valuable for you.

            Considering the Size of Your House or Room

The size of your house or room is another factor that you have to take into account. There is a criterion followed in choosing the right kind of air conditioning unit. This process is done by determining the amount of British thermal unit (BTU) requirement of a Florida air conditioning unit.

Usually, there is a specific amount of BTU needed to cool a particular space. You can verify this by multiplying the area of your house by 35; the outcome is the required BTU in a Florida air conditioning unit.

However, this can be confusing. For that matter, you can always seek the advice of a Melbourne HVAC contractor on this matter. He or she can assist you in providing the information you need with regard to the type of Florida air conditioning system for you.

Determining the Type of Heating System

The heating system in your house is a factor you should consider before choosing the best air conditioning unit. For instance, forced-air heaters have ductworks which can be shared with an air conditioning system. In cases like this, the type of air conditioner required tends to be on the inexpensive side.

You should understand that some houses are designed in accordance with the HVAC systems installed in them. It is advisable that you consult a Melbourne HVAC professional to help you with this matter.

Verify if the Circuit Breaker Is Appropriate for Your Unit

If you have a circuit breaker that is not fit for your air conditioner, chances are your Florida air conditioning unit might trip the breaker. This incident usually happens if your air conditioner requires more current to keep going. Such instances occur on new air conditioning models only.

You may want to consider upgrading your circuit breaker to prevent this from happening. Sharing this information with your prospective Melbourne HVAC technician will be advantageous on your part. This is because some contractors provide air conditioning units themselves.

Ensure That Your AC is Energy Efficient

An energy efficient air conditioning unit can help in lowering your energy bills and will be beneficial for your savings in the long run. You can confirm this by checking the Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) of a particular Melbourne HVAC unit. A unit with a high EER rating is more energy efficient.

Another beneficial aspect of a Melbourne air conditioning system with a favorable energy efficient unit is that it is environment-friendly. Also, some of these units have programmable thermostats which make it easier for you to regulate the temperature in your home even if you are outside.

Don’t Sweat It Air and Heat have Florida air conditioning systems that are energy efficient. We will not only recommend the right kind of unit for your house, but we will also install the Melbourne air conditioning system for you.

Finding a Reliable Contractor

Getting a trustworthy contractor to install your air conditioning unit will make the entire process convenient for you. Reputable contractors have spent years mastering their specialty, which makes them proficient in what they do.

Also, with their knowledge in the trade, they can provide pieces of advice on how you can maintain your Melbourne HVAC systems. The contractor may even have HVAC brands that he or she can recommend for you in case you are in the lookout for the right Florida air conditioning unit.

What to Consider in a Contractor

Once you have chosen the right air conditioner, the next part is installing the unit in your house. This may sound like the easiest part of the process, but it’s not. This is because there are certain factors that you have to take into account, and these are:

A Contractor Should Secure a Permit

In Florida’s New Energy Code, Melbourne HVAC contractors are required to secure a permit if they have to install or replace an air conditioning unit in a house. The permit is used to inform everyone, including the officials in your community that your house is undergoing such service.

You have to ensure that your contractor secures this type of document before installing your Florida AC system. Noncompliance may result in serious legal penalties on your part. You’ll be wise to confirm this with your potential contractor.

A Contractor Should Provide Warranties

Warranties are a way of providing extended service. These provide homeowners like you a guarantee that if anything goes awry with the way your Florida air conditioning unit was installed, your contractor can reinstall your unit for free.

However, there are certain technicalities involved in this matter. For instance, there are warranties that cover only large air conditioning components and not spare parts like fan belts or air filters, among other materials. You’ll be wise to verify the warranty coverage provided by your prospective Melbourne HVAC contractor.

A Contractor Should Be Insured

You should ascertain that your prospective contractor carries a license because this is an indicator that he or she is licensed. It is important to note that only licensed Melbourne HVAC contractors are allowed to secure insurance.

Insured HVAC contractors will prevent you from being liable for any untoward incidents that may occur while your air conditioning system is being installed. Such incidents may result in damage to property or injuries; both of which are subject to litigation.

An insured Melbourne HVAC contractor, however, will spare you any problem that may arise from such occurrences. It is recommended that you confirm if a contractor has insurance even before you enlist his or her expertise.

            The Different Types of Insurance for a Contractor

It does not hurt to know the different types of insurance that an Melbourne HVAC contractor should have. The two most common types of insurance coverage that they should have are:

  • General Liability Insurance
  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance

General liability insurance protects a Melbourne HVAC contractor from litigations that may arise due to property damage. This also applies to the damage that may occur to your air conditioning unit after your HVAC contractor addresses the necessary repairs.

On the other hand, workers’ compensation insurance pays for any accident-related injury that may occur while your Melbourne air conditioning system is being installed. This insurance guarantees that you will not be accountable to such problems.

Let Experts Install Your Unit for You

Don’t Sweat It Air and Heat has been in the HVAC industry for more than a decade. We do not only perform AC and furnace installations, but we also conduct repairs for your HVAC units. Contact us now for more information. Click here to view our special offers.

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