Summers in Melbourne, Florida can be tough, considering the high humidity in the area. Also, there may be times when the temperature can be unbearable. However, this will be a different story if your house has a functional AC that will bring comfort and convenience during such weather conditions.

For that matter, it is ideal that you address all the necessary repairs as well as other maintenance issues before summer sets in. You may turn to FL HVAC experts in case you find yourself in a difficult situation. Don’t Sweat It Air and Heat offers exceptional air conditioning repair throughout Melbourne, Florida. View AC repair Melbourne FL tips here.

Tips in Keeping Your AC System Well-Maintained

A well-maintained air conditioner can be your means of comfort during the hottest weathers in Melbourne, FL. This is one of the reasons why you have to attend to any air conditioning repair once this becomes apparent to you. Some of the factors that you may consider when addressing AC repairs are:

Replacing the Filter of Your Unit

AC filter replacement is one of the most important rules in proper AC maintenance. A dirty filter may make your Melbourne air conditioning unit work harder than it should. As a result, this reduces the energy efficiency of your FL HVAC system.

Knowing when to replace the filter of your Melbourne air conditioning system helps in improving its efficiency. You can always seek the assistance of a FL HVAC professional. With their competency in the field, HVAC technicians can perform this task quickly and efficiently.

Inspecting the Ducts of Your AC

Some of the usual problems in air ducts are leakage, poor insulation, and accumulation of dust. Making sure that your AC ducts are not problematic can increase the efficiency of your FL HVAC unit. Also, this may result in better air quality inside your house.

Enlist the expertise of a professional FL HVAC contractor to ensure that the air ducts in your Melbourne air conditioning system are in good condition. Additionally, an FL HVAC technician can provide further assistance in case there are other repairs that need to be addressed immediately.

Ensuring That the Pipe Is Insulated

You’ll be wise to keep the pipe in your Melbourne air conditioning unit well-insulated to maintain the efficiency of your system. Moisture will accumulate on the surface of a pipe that is improperly insulated. This may result in the buildup of mildew or molds, which may cause some serious health risks.

Have a FL HVAC technician replace the insulation of your pipe if needed. Air conditioning units with pipes that are properly insulated leads to better indoor air quality. Also, keeping these pipes insulated will prevent them from freezing during cold weather.

Cleaning the Compressor

The outside compressor is the most vital part of your AC unit, so you should have it cleaned whenever needed. This process can be performed during the annual tune-up. However, if you want to ensure optimal performance and efficiency, you should have it checked after the hot season.

Hiring an HVAC professional to conduct this task can be a wise choice since the outside compressor has fins that may bend and affect the airflow. You can have an FL HVAC technician straighten the bent fins.  

Our company will not just perform the maintenance issues required for your AC unit, but we will also handle any repairs to keep your AC serviceable. With our expertise in the field of HVAC, we will ascertain that your Melbourne air conditioning system is in good hands.

Arranging an AC Maintenance Every Year

It is advisable that you conduct an annual maintenance measure for your Melbourne air conditioning system before summer sets in. This way, you are guaranteed that your Melbourne air conditioning unit is in good condition during the hot season.

More importantly, maintenance procedures will help you attend to any repairs on your air conditioning system. Be sure to set an appointment with your FL HVAC contractor. He or she can provide the assistance in conducting such measures required for your FL HVAC unit.

            AC Condenser Problems

Your AC condenser is one of the most important components of your AC unit. The condenser works by allowing the heat inside your house to turn the refrigerant into liquid form. This process allows the AC to cool your home.

However, this will be impossible with a malfunctioning condenser. For that matter, it is essential that you keep your condenser well-maintained.

It wouldn’t hurt knowing the problems that you may encounter with your condenser. However, contacting a professional FL HVAC technician remains a wise choice. Some of the problems that you may encounter with your condenser are:

            Condenser Relay Switch

The condenser relay switch is responsible in activating your AC fan. A faulty fan relay would result in your AC unit blowing warm air instead. Additionally, an overheated engine is another common indicator that something is not right with this component.

In case you suspect any problems with your condenser relay switch, contact your FL HVAC contractor like Don’t Sweat It Air and Heat whenever possible. With our expertise, we are sure to address this issue instantly.

Run Capacitors

The run capacitors are the ones that provide power to your Melbourne air conditioning unit and keep it running in a stable and proper manner. You will have a problem activating your AC unit if your run capacitor is malfunctioning. Also, a faulty capacitor may cause your Melbourne air conditioning unit to stop all of a sudden.

If this happens to your air conditioner, consider having it repaired with the help of a skilled FL HVAC repairman. Replacing your unit should only be an option if your air conditioner has gone beyond its lifespan.

Air Conditioner Coil

One of the main indicators that you have an air conditioning coil problem is if your unit does not blow cool air. This may be due to a refrigerant leak. Such leakage is a result of accumulated debris or dirt within your Melbourne air conditioning system.

Preventive maintenance measures can keep the AC coil in good condition. Also, you should contact an HVAC technician for your damaged AC coil as soon as possible since this may affect the overall efficiency of your Melbourne air conditioning unit.

Burnt Compressor

There are several factors that should be considered if you suspect that your air conditioner compressor has burned. One such reason could be the accumulation of moisture inside the motor.

Also, this may mean that you need to oil the Melbourne air conditioning motor since lack of lubrication can cause the compressor to malfunction. Consult an expert FL HVAC technician on this matter. His or her proficiency in the field will allow them to spot the problem with your AC compressor. Click here to learn more about us.

Hire a Repairman at Don’t Sweat It Air and Heat

Don’t Sweat It Air and Heat will assist you with the repairs on your Melbourne air conditioning system. We also provide maintenance services to keep your FL HVAC systems in good condition all year round. Contact us now for more information.  

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