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Have you noticed a weird noise or smell coming from your HVAC unit? Does the system not cool your house in Melbourne, Florida? Is your thermostat giving you false temperature reading? If your answer is yes, then you might need to have your Florida air conditioning checked fast. If you ignore damaged parts, you might end up spending more on repairs.

When you are having problems with your air conditioning in Melbourne, FL, you can trust Don’t Sweat It Air and Heat to fix the issue. We can repair your broken air conditioner in a short period of time. Our crew has handled a lot of damaged and broken ACs. Your system, whether it be a window, central, or split air conditioning, is in good hands. View AC maintenance tips here.

What Are the Common Causes of a Broken Air Conditioner?

You know your HVAC unit is breaking when the occasional breakdowns become usual, the system does not cool your place like it used to, and the leaks start. You can prevent your air conditioning from breaking by knowing the cause of the problem. Here are some reasons why an air conditioner breaks in Melbourne, FL:

  • Using the AC Nonstop

Florida’s summer can be extremely hot that is why people use their air conditioner continuously. As a result, their Florida air conditioning may overheat. Aside from this, they may also get a blown capacitor because of the heat in Melbourne beach and other parts of Melbourne, FL. Giving the unit time to cool down is recommended.

  • Dirty Filters

Do you replace your filters regularly? Having clean filters is not only beneficial to the health of the residents of your home in Melbourne, Florida but also good for your Florida air conditioning system. Your unit will not have to run extra hard to give you cool air. Dirty filters can block airflow and cause air conditioners to break.

  • Frozen Coils

When you have dirty filters and blocked return ducts, air does not pass through the coil. The refrigerant then freezes in the coil instead of absorbing the heat and providing cold air. If you do not clean it, you will end up having warm air circulating in your Melbourne beach house and probably a broken air conditioner.

  • Leaking Refrigerant

A cause of a broken air conditioner is less refrigerant because you will have no cool air. Additionally, when you have a refrigerant leak, there may be line holes and damaged parts in the broken AC. Calling a technician is necessary in this situation.

  • Broken Ducts

When you feel less air coming out of your Florida air conditioning system, the problem may not be your filters but your ductwork. Rodents may destroy your Melbourne beach home’s ducts. The cool air will leak and go to crawl spaces instead of rooms in your house in Melbourne, FL. Inspect early and fix damaged parts. 

  • Faulty Wiring

When your Florida air conditioning system is not getting enough energy to run because of uncertified AC wiring in Melbourne, FL, it will go on and off. This will tip off the circuit breaker, and you may need to replace the fuse. That will be easy. However, if this continues, your air conditioner will eventually break.

  • Broken Fan

The heat from your Melbourne beach home exits through the outside fan, and the one inside blows air to the evaporator coil. If both or any of them gets damaged, the process of converting heat to cold air will be interrupted and your compressor may take the hit. Your Florida air conditioning unit’s compressor may overheat, which can cause other AC parts to break.

  • Malfunctioning Thermostat

Have you asked Florida air conditioning technicians to calibrate your thermostat? Do you have a programmable thermostat? If your answer is no, then you already know why your air conditioner broke or how it might possibly break.

Thermostats are the devices responsible for controlling the temperature of your unit in Melbourne, FL. When you have a damaged thermostat, your system will not function well either. Getting your thermostat calibrated or replaced is advisable.

Choose Don’t Sweat It For Your Broken AC Needs In Melbourne, FL

If your air conditioner breaks, call the expert technicians in Melbourne, Florida. Don’t Sweat It Air and Heat has a well-experienced crew who can fix your broken AC in no time. We take pride in our excellent HVAC workmanship and customer service. You can call us anytime, and we will handle your air conditioning problems. We have no extra fee for after-hours calls. Our company also offer discounts to our clients. For more details about our services, contact us today!

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