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An HVAC system is an investment for your home. You and your visitors can feel comfortable staying at your home when your HVAC unit works well. To keep its good working condition, have it maintained and repaired.

Don’t Sweat It Air and Heat can help keep your HVAC system in great shape. We provide maintenances services, installations, and repair services. Our team can improve the air quality of your house. View HVAC maintenance tips here.

How Often Should I Call for HVAC Maintenance Services?

To ensure good air quality in your house, having your system serviced annually is recommended. Your FL HVAC unit has to be cleaned and inspected to maintain its functions.

It is advisable to get it maintained in spring to prepare for the heat of the summer. You may also want to have maintenance services in fall. Before using the furnace, it is also important to check if it can warm up your place during colder months.

Why Should I Get My Unit Serviced?

It is important to get maintenance services for your FL HVAC system because this will ensure that your unit uses just enough energy to cool your house. For more reasons why this is essential, here are actual benefits of getting HVAC maintenance services:

  • Clean Air

When your system is not serviced regularly, dust and other particles will circulate in your room. The filters in your unit will be full of dust and other organisms if you have not cleaned it in a year.

Staying in your house can trigger allergies and other health problems. However, if it undergoes maintenance services, you can have clean and proper airflow.

  • Longer Lifespan

The usual lifespan of an air conditioning unit is 10 to 20 years. When you get maintenance services, you extend the lifespan of your unit. Things last longer when you take good care of them.  

  • Lesser to No Breakdowns

On the other hand, HVAC systems that do not get maintenance services tend to have regular breakdowns according to experts. The parts of your unit may deteriorate faster when it is not maintained properly. When you get your FL HVAC unit serviced, you can prevent its decline by having it checked regularly.

  • Lower Electricity Bills

When particles have blocked the air from getting to your unit, your system must work extra hard to provide cool air. When it is in bad condition and lacks lubricants, it will also use more energy.

This reflects on your bills each month. Maintenance services can take care of your unit and make sure that it uses energy efficiently.

  • Fewer Repairs

By keeping it maintained, you can detect and solve problems earlier. You will call for service repair less often. Critical issues will be prevented. You can have a fully working HVAC unit without spending much on getting your air conditioner fixed.

When to Get Your Unit Serviced

If your HVAC system already has regular breakdowns, your unit may need more than just maintenance services. To know if you need to call for a service repair, here are a few signs that your machine needs service repair:

  • HVAC Has Little Airflow

Have you noticed that staying in your home makes you feel stuffy? When air may no longer be flowing out of your registers, or there is only a bit of air, then your system has a problem. You might feel suffocated or experience heat in the summers in Florida. In these situations, you ask for a service repair to fix the issue quickly.

  • HVAC Strange Odor

Your nose is actually good at finding malfunctions in the system. When you detect a musty odor in the air, there may be leaks inside or outside of your unit. If you smell smoke or something burning, turn the unit off as soon as you can. This is a critical problem and may result in a fire. Contact FL HVAC technicians immediately.

  • Warm Air

Is the heat of summer in Florida penetrating your home even though the blinds are closed? Check if your air conditioner is emitting warm air. If your system no longer produces cool air, you may need to replace your refrigerant. It can also mean that your compressor is failing. Asking for a professional view is better to make sure the diagnosis is correct, and you get quality service repair.  

  • HVAC Makes Unusual Noise

There is the usual sound your system makes every time you turn it on, and there are the strange noises like screeching and squeaking, that is not part of its natural music. If the racket becomes consistent, then that is an indication that your system is already having problems and needs service repair.

Here are some examples of sounds and their meaning:

  • Clicks from the outside unit, while the system is running, may mean that there is debris to be removed. In this case, you can shut off the unit and remove the obstruction on your own. However, if there is a clicking noise, and your air conditioner does not turn on, there may be electrical issues that require an HVAC service or two.
  • There could be a something stuck in your fan if you hear a banging outside. If you hear the bang inside the system, that is another story. Request an inspection from your FL HVAC contractor.
  • A gurgling sound may come from the drain line, which is a minor problem. If you cleaned the drain line, but it is still there, then the noise might be from a leak in your refrigerant. This may result in health problems if not addressed quickly.
  • Loud screeching or hissing can come from your compressor when there is a buildup in the system. Usually, there is an automatic shut off for this problem. Turn the system off if it continues to run, and request an HVAC service immediately.
  • Increase of Energy Bills

When you notice big changes in your utility bills when you had the same consumption the same month last year. Your air conditioner is using too much energy. It could be that you haven’t had maintenance services for more than a year or that your HVAC machine already needs a service repair.

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Don’t Sweat It Air and Heat is an FL HVAC contractor that has been providing their HVAC services for more than 14 years. Our company caters to both residential and commercial buildings in Melbourne, Florida and its surrounding areas.

We have air conditioning maintenance, repairs, and installations. Our HVAC services include indoor air quality improvements for everyone to feel relaxed, even people with asthma and allergies.

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Our team makes sure that you get the benefits of having an HVAC system. Before selling our products, we check for warranties in your existing products and give you options based on available materials.

Our technicians communicate the step-by-step process of the repair, installation, and maintenance services. You can also check out our special offers! For more details on our services, contact us today! Click here to learn more.

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